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Consecration to Our Lady of Fatima

31/01/2023 . Works of Mercy

Consecration and renewal for adults and pregnant women to Our Lady of Fatima

Augusta Queen! The peace of Jesus and the love of Mary!

The Consecration to Our Lady, inspired by the method of St Louis Maria Grignion de Montfort, is one of the works of mercy of the Merciful Gaze Community, in which we consecrate ourselves entirely to Jesus, through Mary Most Holy, going on to do all things to Jesus through Mary, as our motto exhorts us: “All for Jesus, nothing without Mary!”!

As we consecrate ourselves to Our Lady, we renew our baptismal promises and entrust everything we have and everything we are to the Blessed Virgin Mary, who is the right and secure way for our sanctification. Thus, walking with Mary, we approach the Holy Mother Church and are led on its lap, to a profound encounter with the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the source of all love and mercy.

For one to consecrate it is necessary to read the Treaty of True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin by St Louis Mary Grignion of Montfort, which can be purchased in various bookstores or through the Internet, and, in the thirty days preceding the Consecration, carry out the Spiritual Exercises of the Book of the Merciful Gaze Community. The Community will offer, on dates to be schedule later on, four Formative Meetings to assist in understanding the content of the Treaty.

In order to renew the Consecration previously made with the Merciful Gaze Community, there is no obligation to reread the Treaty, even though it is desirable to do so. However, it is necessary to perform the Spiritual Exercises, starting thirty days before consecration.

Thus, by signing up and selecting “Consecration” (for those who are consecrating themselves for the first time), there will be a basic kit to be purchased, in addition to optional items that can be purchased separately if desired.


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