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When He returned to Rio de Janeiro, in 2011, Father Alexandre felt even more strong by God’s call to gather people around the Love that flows through the eyes of Our Lady, that are imersed in the Divine Mercy.

The inspiration to form a Community was burning in his heart, and in March 2015, Father Alexandre invited a small group of people to start a community called Éfeta. But God sent more and more people to Father Alexandre, all wishing to be part of this community. They all desired to have  this merciful gaze, which is a reflection of Christ’s Own Gaze to mankind.

The sharing of personal experiences and testemonies of his spiritual children, confirmed the Holy Spirit’s longing for a new community, and many embraceded  this ideal even though they had no idea what Our Lord was already asking and inspiring Father Alexandre.

The Papal Bull –“ Misericordiae Vultus” written by Pope Francis in April 2015, led to The Proclamation of the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy. This was a confirmation of the charisma of the community. When Pope Francis invited  all Catholics around the world to practice the Works of Mercy.

The name of the community changed to Merciful Gaze Community due to a spiritual experience Father Alexandre had with the Holy Spirit during the Holy Week in 2015.

The headquarters of Merciful Gaze Community is in the city of Rio de Janeiro, as it was warmly welcomed by its Archbishop, Cardinal Orani Tempesta. The  members live in several Brazilian cities and in other countries.

Their mission is to care for and defend the priests and the families, with the Bishop’s permission, through the Works of Mercy. 

The official date of the birth  Merciful Gaze Community is December 12,2015. The Official Decree of Canonical Erection signed by Cardinal Orani Tempesta, Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro, was on 26 December, 2019.

Its inner charisma is to go out from judgment to love and the exterior charisma is to take care and defend the priests and the families through the Works of Mercy.


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