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Systematic visit to priests

16/05/2023 . Works of Mercy
Visiting the priests is one of the works of Mercy carried out by the Olhar Misericordioso Community.
We are often attended by priests, we seek forgiveness of sins through confession, we participate in countless masses with them… But we fail to thank them, visiting them (cf. Meditatio 02/21/19, Fr. Alexandre Paciolli). They bring us Christ himself in the Mass and give us life through the Sacraments. Therefore, organize yourself into a Community and visit the priests in your mission location. Dedicate time to them!
They consist of going to meet them and being at their side. It is not simply a visit of personal friendship: it is of the charisma, of the Merciful Look love, bringing hope, pure love, affection of the Holy Mother Church. To be a channel for him to fight more for holiness after each of our visits.
Saint John Mª Vianney: “If we knew well what a priest is on earth, we would die: not of fear, but of love”.


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