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Little Chapel of Merciful Jesus and Our Lady of Guadalupe

23/05/2023 . Works of Mercy

Little Chapel of Merciful Jesus and Our Lady of Guadalupe is one of the Works of Mercy of the Merciful Gaze Community whose objective is to visit the homes of the families who wish to receive it, so that they can be under the Merciful Gaze of the Mother who presents Her Son and transforms their homes into small Sanctuaries of love, devotion, sanctification and evangelization.


How does the Pilgrim Chapel pilgrimage work?

Each caretaker must undertake to invite nine more families, forming a group of ten to receive a visit from the Pilgrim Chapel in their homes where it will stay for three days so that, at the end of a month, it has made a pilgrimage to all homes.

In order to facilitate delivery logistics, avoiding unwanted delays, it is important to choose people with addresses that are not too far away or with ease of delivery (work environment, for example), especially in large cities, where travel is more difficult.

Whoever receives the Pilgrim Chapel will be responsible for handing it over to the next family.

The Caretaker needs to be aware that the place that receives the Little Chapel devoutly accepts his visit, assuming the commitment to guarantee that the Marian and Mercy Chaplets are prayed in every house for families, for vocations, for the Pope, for the Church and for sinners Worldwide. In order to help families in this practice, a prayer book accompanies the Pilgrim Chapel. The image of Merciful Jesus not only represents Divine Mercy, but is also a sign to remind us of the Christian duty of trust in God and active love for our neighbor. Our Lord said to Saint Faustina: Through this Image I will grant many graces to souls; let every soul therefore have access to it.” (D.570)

The desire of the founding servant of the Merciful Gaze Community, Father Alexandre Paciolli, iCM, is that more families are under the Merciful Gaze of Jesus and Our Lady of Guadalupe, promoting devotion to the Blessed Virgin and Merciful Jesus.

For more information, send a message to:

+55 (21) 99654-8728 – Andreha Lucieri

+55 21 99655-0148 – Marcio Costa


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