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Mercy Truck

Help families in need through the Mercy Truck

Mercy Trucks bring food baskets to parishes for priests to distribute to families in need. In this way we are nurturing the bond between them, following our charism of caring for families and priests.

The food baskets are bought with the donation of benefactors, and non-perishable food items are also collected, which are periodically picked up by the truck. Cleaning and hygiene items, clothes, toys and chocolates are also distributed to the children during festive seasons.

The Mercy Truck is preferably receiving donations through the Comunidade Olhar Misericordioso account (Itaú, agency 2798, checking account 14957-7, CNPJ 28313535/0001-31, Comunidade Olhar Misericordioso de Nossa Senhora de Vida e Aliança).

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