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Act of reparation to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

O sweet Jesus, whose immense love for men he has received in payment, from the ungrateful, more than forgetfulness, negligence, and contempt! See us prostrate before your altar, to repair, with special tributes of honor, the unworthy coldness of men and the insults with which, everywhere, they wound your most loving Heart.

But remembering that we too are once stained with such unworthiness of which we now grieve deeply, we desire, above all, to obtain for our souls your divine mercy, ready to repair, with voluntary atonement, not only our own sins, but also those who, far from the way of salvation and obstinate in their infidelity,  either they do not want to follow you as Shepherd and Guide, or, violating the promises of Baptism, they have shaken off the very gentle yoke of your law.

We want to atone for such abominable sins, especially the immodesty and dishonesty of life and clothing, the innumerable snares leveled against innocent souls, the desecration of feast days, the execrable insults uttered against you and your Saints, the insults directed at your Vicar and the Priestly Orders, the negligence and horrible sacrileges with which the very Sacrament of Love is profaned and,  in short, the public sins of nations that resist the rights and magisterium of the Church founded by you.

If only we were given to wash away so many crimes with our own blood! But in the meantime, as reparation for the divine honor violated, uniting it with the atonement of the Virgin your Mother, of the Saints and of the good souls, we offer you the satisfaction that you yourself offered one day on the cross to the Eternal Father and that daily is renewed on our altars, promising with all our heart that, as soon as possible and through the help of your grace,  We will repair our own and others’ sins and the indifference of souls to your love, opposing firmness in faith, innocence of life and perfect observance of the law of the Gospel, especially charity, while also striving to prevent you from being insulted and to attract as many as we can to follow you.

O most benign Jesus! Through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary Reparatrix, we beseech you to receive this voluntary act of reparation; grant us to be faithful to your commands and to your service unto death and grant us the gift of perseverance, with which we may happily come to glory, where, in union with the Father and the Holy Spirit, you live and reign, God forever and ever. Amen.


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