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Renovation of the shed in Resende/Brazil

23/05/2023 . Notícias

Dear brothers, Augusta Queen! The history of the Merciful Gaze Community has been written with the “ink of Divine Providence”, because every day, the Lord and the Virgin Mary, Mother of Divine Providence, grant us gifts that confirm our charism and mission.


We recently experienced this on a one-off basis, as we received a donation of the a warehouse in Resende (Brazil). In our heart, there was the desire to have a space for retreats and also to install the Exhibition “Who is the Man of the Shroud”, a work of mercy of our Community, and great was our joy when contemplating that the place that was given to us granted is ideal for this need! For all this, we proclaim: “Blessed be God!”.


However, to make this dream come true, we need to renovate the shed, and for that, we need your collaboration.

How to make your donation: All help is welcome, make your donation via paypal:

PayPal – Donate Online

Donate Online through the PayPal platform.

Just click on the link below.

Our thanks to Karin Kohler – Arquitetura e Interiores (CAU A-24988-2) In advance, receive our gratitude and prayers!

All for Jesus, nothing without Mary!

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