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May, month of Mary, Mother of God

01/05/2023 . Formações

We have reached the month of May, known in the Catholic world as the month of Mary, but how did this tradition come about? This custom goes back to a devotion of the Middle Ages where pious exercises were done to honor Mary in the month of May, because of the arrival of spring in the northern hemisphere. With this understanding, we can say that also for us in the southern hemisphere, May seems like the month of flowers, because Mary is the most beautiful flower in God’s garden.

The poets and even the saints, after trying to find in the flowers similarities with the Virgin Mary, came to the conclusion that the most pleasant perfume, the most captivating beauty, or the most providential utility, are insufficient to represent Mary’s greatness. Mary is in fact, the splendor and glory of creation, which is why she was chosen to beget Our Lord.

Because of her role in the plan of salvation and because Mary is this incomparable woman, the Church throughout the world rejoices with the arrival of the month of May, a special opportunity to pay honor and tribute to her, and for this reason, many parishes prepare Crowning and other manifestations of love and devotion to Our Lady.

However, these demonstrations are not exclusive to churches, the same can and should be done with the same love in our homes. So, prepare your home, let’s celebrate the month of Mary with much love!

All for Jesus and nothing without Mary


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