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First Friday of the month – Learn about the 14 ways to honor the Sacred Heart of Jesus

23/10/2020 . Formações

There were many external tributes requested by the Sacred Heart of Jesus. St. Margaret, however recommends fourteen, and these acts are listed in the various devotional books of the Sacred Heart. For this formation especifically we used the book “The Heart of Jesus”, from Cultor de Livros Edition.


  1. Consecration

To consecrate is to recognize and accept the reign of the Heart of Jesus, with internal acts of intelligence and will, also with external acts such as the recitation of a formula of consecration.

  1. Act of grievance

“It consists of reparations offered to the Sacred Heart to supply the little love that men bear witness to it and the outrages it receives from them.”

  1. Receiving Holy Communion

It is the greatest testimony of love we can give and act of reparation to offer. When we join Him and often desire this union in spiritual communion.

  1. Holy Mass

Especially the restorative Mass celebrated in the intention of repairing the Heart of Jesus for the outrages and offenses against Him. One can either participate or order the celebration.

  1. Visits to the Blessed Sacrament

Visits to the Blessed Sacrament are deeply recommended. Saint Therese of the Child Jesus used to say that Jesus was like a prisoner who waits for the worshiping souls.

  1. Holy Hour

It consists of “an hour of prayer in union with the Savior in the garden of Olives, during the night of Thursday to Friday.”

  1. Litany to the Sacred Heart of Jesus
  2. The novenas or Triduums
  3. The Devotion and Office to the Sacred Heart, approved and enriched by indulgences by the Holy See, in 1901
  4. The rosary or the “coroinha” to the Sacred Heart, which can be prayed in various ways (St. Pius had the habit of praying the “coroinha” every night, in the intentions of those who asked for his prayers)
  5. Devotion to the 33 years of our Lord’s mortal life
  6. The particular worship in the image of the Sacred Heart, especially the scapular canonically instituted by the Holy See
  7. Pilgrimages to shrines raised in honor of the Sacred Heart
  8. Annual or monthly retreat in union with the Sacred Heart.


According to the Twelve promises made to the devotees of his Sacred Heart, Jesus promises everyone who receives the Holy Eucharist on the first Fridays of nine consecutive months the grace of ultimate perseverance – it is still necessary to have the soul in state of grace and to receive the Eucharist in the desire for reparation.


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