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The Merciful Gaze community is made up of three large families: consecrated members of the Life Community, consecrated members of the Covenant community, and Friends.

– What does the Friend of the Merciful Gaze do? Do I have any obligation or commitment being a Friend?
A friend is someone who identifies with the charism of Merciful Gaze and wants to accompany the community more closely, living the spirituality as a friend. The friend helps us spread this work of God and has no obligations other than to pray and be with us on our journey, participating in the works, retreats and/or activities proposed by the Community.

– Should I make any financial contribution when becoming a Friend of the Community?
There is no obligation of any kind. Financial help is optional (thus becoming a benefactor of the Community).

– What benefits do I receive when becoming a Friend of the Comunidade?
The Friend of the Community has access to exclusive information about the activities and Works of Mercy, exclusive masses for Friends, formations to help on the spiritual journey. They also benefit from all the prayers offered by the Community.

– What is the difference between a consecrated person and a Friend of the Merciful Gaze community?
The consecrated person in the community assumes before God that he/she will live according to the statutes and spirituality of Merciful Gaze, while the friend identifies with the Charisma in what concerns the care and defense of Families and Priests and walks along side, participating in works, activities, masses, retreats, among others.

– Being a friend, will I be able to consecrate myself in the future?
If you feel the call of God to the community and want to start the path to the Merciful Gaze it will be a great joy to receive you.
Come and be part of our family by being a Friend of the Merciful Gaze.

More information by whatsapp: +55 21 98667-7620

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